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If you are at all exposed to the media you probably have noticed the increased trend of green energy and green products in today’s marketing efforts. The fact that green has become a rallying point for corporations indicates that the revolution is taking hold in the minds of the people. If you feel compelled to do what you can in order to further the green revolution in your home and in your workplace, then read the rest of this article for information and helpful hints on what you can do.

Green energy in the home is often in the form of some kind of renewable energy production mechanism. Typically this is in the form of solar panels or a wind turbine. These types of green energy production methods can cost quite a bit of money to install, however, you can explore government incentive programs that will help you with the initial cost expenditures. Additionally, your local utility company often has programs whereby any excess energy you produce is purchased, allowing you not only to save money, but earn it as well. If you are unable to participate in these kinds of efforts, you may consider smaller projects like a solar water heater or pellet stove. Pellet stoves use wood byproducts or animal dung in order to provide your home with heat. While it may not sound like a green movement, remember that you are burning animal droppings rather than having a company burn coal to provide you with the electricity to heat your home.

Office buildings and corporations are notorious for the amount of energy they consume. Talk to your boss about getting involved in making your work place greener. Make suggestions like updating old light bulbs to new energy efficient LED light bulbs. Volunteer to increase the recycling program to more than just paper but to aluminum cans and cardboard as well. Teach your coworkers how they can set their printer preferences to print on both sides of the paper in order to reduce waste. All of these suggestions will not just make your work place a more environmentally friendly one, it will also make you a more valued employee.

If you are unable to participate in the above suggestions, you can still make a difference by making your voice heard politically. Volunteer in your local community to help man recycling programs. Contact your local, state and federal government representatives to express your support for green legislation. Anything you do will make a positive impact on the future.

With your participation in these types of programs, we can hope to move this country into the ranks of world leaders in green energy. This will produce jobs and make the planet a better place.

By now you probably have some great ideas on how you can incorporate green energy into your life. Whether it be in your home or in your place of business, there are hundreds of opportunities to make your life a little bit more environmentally friendly. Good luck to you in your effort to reduce your impact on the planet.