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Are you interested in getting a green energy system but cannot afford this expense? Go over this article for some useful tips that will help you make green energy more affordable.

Start by reducing the amount of energy you consume. You will need a much smaller system once you reduce your energy consumption. Replace the insulation of your home to reduce the amount of energy you use to keep your home warm or cool. Your old appliances should be replaced with energy-efficient ones, and you should make efforts to turn off and unplug the appliances you do not need. Replace your light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones or with solar tubes. Make some changes to your schedule so you can use natural light through most of your day and encourage your family members to help you save energy.

Find out more about the meter rollback programs offered by your energy provider. Once you have your own green energy system, you will be able to join one of these programs and the energy you produce will be sent to the main grid. You will then be able to draw an equivalent amount of power from the main grid and will receive a check for the energy you did not use. Joining one of these programs means you will not have to spend your money on an expensive storing system and on a generator to use as a backup. Besides, you could actually get nice checks every month if you get a green energy that is slightly larger than you need.

Once your system is installed, you will have to spend money on maintenance. Your system will probably need to be cleaned and inspected once a month and repaired if something goes wrong. You can save a lot by becoming a certified solar or wind technician. Some community colleges offer this formation; you can become a certified technician in less than two years for as little as a thousand dollars. You can also sign up for formations offered by different professional organizations. You could actually earn an additional income by working as a solar or wind technician and inspecting the green energy systems in your area.

If you cannot afford in a full-scale green energy system, you should consider getting a smaller system. There are many smaller systems designed to produce enough power for only one of your appliances. If you have a swimming pool, you could get a solar-powered water pump. Solar-powered water heaters and outside lights are popular options, but you can easily get personalized small-scale systems designed to power the appliance of your choice. These smaller systems should allow you to save enough money on your bills to be paid off within only a couple of years.

Green energy systems still represent an important investment, but getting a full-scale system should not cost you more than what you would spend on your bills if you finance it properly. If you are not ready to make a long-term investment, wait until you settle down.