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Taking advantage of green energy is not just a fad anymore, now people are seeing the advantages of saving energy costs as well as protecting the environment. Bring green energy into your home and take advantage of some of the great cost savings available. The tips in this article will show you where and how to begin.

Energy efficient light bulbs are a great choice for saving energy costs. The new bulbs do cost more initially, but they last much longer and are more efficient at providing the light you need in your home. When you dispose of the new bulbs, carefully follow the cautions on the package. The mercury contained in the bulb is toxic, so you should avoid breaking the bulb before disposing of it in the recommended manner.

You may not think of composting as a way to save energy, but it does cut down on the amount of garbage you put in your garbage disposal unit or your garbage compactor. Save all your vegetable scraps and store them in a container in your freezer until you have enough to add to your yard compost. Creating your own compost is a great way to cut down on fertilizer you need to add to your garden soil. It also follows nature’s plan of all waste being returned to the earth to nourish it.

Solar panels have been used for quite some time now, but the newer ones are far superior to the originals. You can capture the heat of the sun with the panels to heat water for your home and supplement the energy used by your home’s heating system. The newer panels also have the ability to capture energy and store it in batteries for future use.

Most families use a lot of energy to dry their clothing without thinking too much about how much is used or how much it costs. While you may not want to depend solely on an outdoor line to dry clothing, hanging bedding and towels outdoors to dry can save a lot of energy. These are the items take take the most time to dry, and you will enjoy the fresh scent of line dried linens.

Since you are already making your own compost, planting a garden and using organic materials to fertilize and mulch it is only the next step. Even a small vegetable garden can supply a lot of fresh veggies for your family during the growing season. This is a great way to cut down on trips to the grocery store which uses extra fuel for your automobile. There is great convenience in putting together a healthy salad from your own garden, and the cost is really minimal.

Use the heat of the sun to warm your home during cold weather. A south facing window in your family or living room can make your home more comfortable without you needing to turn up the thermostat.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, it only makes sense to use free energy in any way you can. Use this article as your guide to using green energy in your home and reducing your energy costs.