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When most people think about green energy and green practices, they usually think about how they can incorporate them into their life at home. What more can their family recycle? Can they add a solar panel to their home? Should their next vehicle be a hybrid or electric only car? While these are fantastic things to be considering, you should also be aware that you can make the same kind of changes you are considering for your personal life in your place of work. This article is meant to provide you with some basic information on the types of things you can do to make your workplace a greener place and how to go about incorporating that kind of change.

Your first stop should be at your human resources department. Ask them if they have any green polices and procedure or if they have any incentive programs for employees to suggest green policies at work. It could be that you are the first person to ask them this question, so be patient and don’t be surprised if they don’t know what you are talking about. If they do have information, take everything they can give you and read it thoroughly, if the don’t have anything, ask if you might be able to make some formal suggestions sometime later. This will put you on their radar as someone that is interested in making the work place a more environmentally friendly place.

The first thing you should consider is how to use less paper at your work place. One simple suggestion is to approach your IT department and recommend that they make duplex printing the default printing option for all their printers. This would cut the use of paper in half if everyone could deal with paper being printed on both sides. Switching back to single side would still be an option, but this would cause many people to save paper passively.

Talk to your boss about starting a more comprehensive recycling program at your work. Many work places only recycle paper, but as you know from your experience at home, there are many things you can recycle. If they are up for it, volunteer to head the placement and emptying of recycle bins in the break rooms and common areas. Not only will this create a better environment at work and for the planet, but it will get you noticed at work for your commitment and dedication. It may just help your career trajectory.

Talk about policies that would require people to turn off their computers at night. This is a very simple task that could save lots of energy in the long run. Also suggest thermostat control. This is a point of contention, so maybe wait to make this suggestion until people are on board with the green movement.

Hopefully this article has provided you with the information and motivation you need to tackle the task of making your work place a greener and more environmentally friendly place to work. Remember that even the smallest change you can make is still change for the better and that the most important thing is trying. Good luck in your efforts to make your work place a green work place.