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People are embracing green living in their daily lives. Many cities have already banned merchants from giving out plastic grocery bags to their customers. Recycling and reusing materials have taken hold every where. It really does not take much to make the switch to greener living. You just have to know what your green alternatives are, and make the right choices. If all this is still fairly new to you, do not worry. This article will describe some simple things that you can do at home to start your change to greener living.
You may have noticed that many stores are no longer selling incandescent light bulbs. That is because there is a greener alternative out there called CFL, or compact fluorescent, light bulbs. The CFL light bulbs produce the same amount of lumens but using less wattage. The result is less energy usage in lighting needs. Change out all of your old, incandescent light bulbs to the the CFLs. You will see your lighting energy cost go down over time.
Modern appliances nowadays carry an “Energy Star” rating. This rating tells the consumer how much energy is used in normal operation of the appliance. The better the rating, the more energy-efficient the appliance is. If your appliance are over 15 to 20 years old, it may be time to upgrade to an “Energy Star” model. Some utility companies will even give you a rebate if you install select Energy Star models of appliances. This makes upgrading to energy-efficient appliances even more popular.
You can look for ways to save your water usage. Installing low-flow shower heads can cut down the amount of water that you use per shower. A low-flow shower head delivers a forceful shower of water without requiring you to turn on the shower to full blast. Instead, the shower head aerates the water with air pressure so the water comes out with enough force for an invigorating shower.
You should also consider changing installing a water-efficient toilet if your existing toilet is over 15 years old. You can cut down your water usage by half with each flush. If you have a multiple people in your household, the water saving can be significant.
Trees produce oxygen in our environment. The more trees we have, the cleaner the air can be. If you have the outdoor space, consider planting a tree in your yard.
Carbon emissions from automobiles cause a great deal of pollution. You can reduce the amount of pollution that you produce by driving less. Perhaps one day a week, you can take public transportation or carpool. If all motorists can commit to this small change, the world would be less polluted.
Reduce your need to purchase individually bottled water. The plastic bottles are creating a massive amount of landfill. Instead, opt for filtered tap water, and get a sturdy aluminum water bottle to refill.
These are simple ways in which you can start your road to greener living. Just change a little at a time, and before long, living green will be a natural part of your life.