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Going green is very popular and very wise. The best green choice in energy is solar energy. Using the clean, renewable energy of the sun to power your home reduces your carbon footprint and helps you save money. In this article, we will share some excellent tips to help you make good use of solar energy.
Although the highly efficient solar technology of today is actually capable of working well even in areas that don’t have tremendous amounts of sunlight, it’s always best to set your solar energy system up in a southward facing area. This will give you the most sun exposure. You will probably generate more energy than you need this way, but happily, you can sell it to your local utility.
In order to decide what kind of panels to buy and how many, you should find out the wattage you need. This can be done by studying your energy bills and determining how much energy you use a month on average. Then you will know the amount of energy your system must produce to meet the needs of your household.
Look for a good solar contractor to install your system. When you do this rather than attempting a DIY solar system, you’ll be certain to get the newest solar technology properly installed. This will ensure your safety and give you someone to turn to in the rare case you have problems. Professional installation is more likely to be eligible for grant assistance. Additionally, having your job professionally done may increase the value of your home and save you some money on insurance premiums.
When choosing a professional solar installer, be sure to interview several. Start your search for a solar professional online or in the phone book. Look for the same sorts of qualifications you would look for in any service personnel. You want an installer who has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, good testimonials from satisfied customers, fair prices and good guarantees. Of course, you should also feel comfortable with the person since your dealings may be ongoing for some time.
Solar energy systems need little or no maintenance; however, common sense dictates that you or your solar installer should tidy it up a bit several times a year. Keep dirt, dust, leaves and snow off the system so the sun can reach it, and check to be sure fittings and attachments are secure.
Generally speaking, solar energy systems are rugged and long-lived. Once installed, you can count on enjoying clean, affordable solar energy for 20-30 years or more. During that time, you’ll save lots of money on energy, and you’ll never be bothered with increases in the cost of energy. You’ll also be able to enjoy having full power even when storms and other interruptions to your local utility occur. Happily, as time passes, solar technology just gets more and more affordable, so when the time comes to replace your system you will probably be able to save even more money! Just follow these tips to reap the benefits of solar energy.