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You do not need to wait until you have a lot of money to use green energy and save money by reducing your energy usage. This article provides some great ideas to help you become a good steward of the earth without spending a lot.
Reusing materials you already have is a great way to avoid purchasing more. This reduces the need of manufacturers to produce more goods and cuts down on pollution produced by some plants. Instead of throwing away perfectly good plastic jugs, use them to store items or make miniature greenhouses to get your seedlings started in your garden.
Energy efficient bulbs do cost more when you purchase them, but they last considerably longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. They also use much less energy to provide the amount of light you need in your home. They are really just miniature florescent lights, so they have hazardous material inside and should be disposed of properly. Pay close attention to the directions for disposal included in the package.
The average family uses a lot of energy to dry their clothing, and their utility bill reflects this usage. If you have outdoor space available, install a clothesline to dry the larger items in your laundry outside. These items include towels, sheets and blankets. You may also hang larger clothing items such as jeans and sweatshirts outside since it takes considerable energy to get them dry. On the plus side, your pants and shirts will not shrink when you air dry them like they do in the dryer. If you live in a climate with a cold winter season, this method will not save as much as if you live in a warmer area where you can hang clothing out all year long.
There are certain government programs that provide incentives for using solar energy devices, such as solar panels or solar water heaters. Take advantage of these incentives to save costs on the initial purchase and installation of these energy savers. If you install solar panels, check with your local utility company to see if they have a program to buy excess electrical power from you. This can really cut the cost of your energy usage.
Use the sun to heat your home whenever possible. Some homes are constructed in such a way that the sun’s energy warms the south facing windows during the day. Some homeowners have installed heat wells in the flooring of their home to retain the heat collected during the day for use after dark. The special design of these homes includes an awning or overhanging roof to protect the home from too much sun during the summer months. During summer you can plant vines on a support system so the sun will be screened out during the hours of the most sunlight.
Using the energy provided by the sun is a great way to reduce your energy costs, as well as preserve the planet. Use the tips in this article to use energy wisely without spending a bundle.