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Solar EnergyIf you buy a home that is powered using solar energy, the purchase can be a great investment, both in the short and long term. You are also benefiting the environment with your purchase, for a number of reasons. Not only are you being green, but you’re making a smart investment for the long-term purchase value of your home. Check out this article to find out some of the benefits for buying a home powered by the sun.
The cost of the solar panels will be considerable. However, it will offset the costs of getting the house ready for a gas line. Also, you will get tax credits from federal, state and possibly even local government entities, depending on where you live. This means that it will end up costing you a significantly lower amount of money to build a house that is powered with solar energy.
It is cheaper to maintain a solar array than it is to maintain conventional gas and electric connections on a house. While you will still want a line in to your utility’s electric grid, on the off chance that you either have some failures in your panels or you have a long run of cold, cloudy weather, it will be cheaper over time to keep your solar array up and running.
Solar hot water heaters can be a great starting point if you have an existing house and want to add solar a little bit at a time. If you are building from scratch, then a solar water heater can, all by itself, make a huge difference as far as the costs of a new house will be. Keeping a heater tank full of water warm can make for a high gas bill. Instead, run lines from your solar panel array directly to the hot water heater, so that part of your electric input will go toward keeping the water hot.
If you are drawing electricity from the sun, you are not drawing it from the power plant across town. The more electricity you channel in from your solar array, the lower your utility bills will be, because electricity is coming from your own source into the grid. You might even get money from the utility each month, depending on the number of new customers
If you let your electricity provider know that you are installing a solar array, they will let you know how to sell that energy back to the grid. There is no better feeling than opening up that monthly letter from the electric company, only to find a check inside, rather than a bill. This can make the return on your investment in your solar array come much more quickly than you had ever imagined.
Energy from the sun does not belch pollution into the air, and it does not use up fossil fuels.
Looking to buy a new home? Look for a solar powered home. It can be a solid investment in the future, and you’ll be the greenest house on the block.