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Investing in green energies is an excellent option if you are interested in preserving the environment but you need to choose the right source of green energy. Go over this article to learn more about the four main sources of green energy.

Solar panels are a popular option for homeowners since they are affordable and efficient if you live in an area with enough exposure to the sun. You will need at least five hours of excellent exposure to sun rays, no shadows and no snow or rain. If the weather is not always sunny in your area, your solar panels will not produce enough energy to meet your needs. You should try finding homeowners who have invested in solar energy to find out how much energy they are able to produce and how much they spent on their solar panels. Keep in mind that the most expensive panels are often the most efficient ones.

If you live near a lake or an ocean, wind power is probably your best option. There are many small models of wind turbines to choose from and you can easily produce all the power you need with a small turbine installed on your front lawn or with a vertical turbine on your roof. Have a professional measure the strength of the wind on your property before you invest in wind power. An average wind turbine will need ten miles per hour constant winds to produce the power you need for your home.

Hydraulic power is your best choice if there is some running water on your property. You will simply have to build a small water mill and connect it to a system that is similar to a dynamo to produce some power. Hydraulic systems are very easy to install and maintain, but their efficiency depends on the strength of the current. You should measure the strength of the current and have a professional help you assess how much power you will be able to generate.

Geothermal power is the most efficient form of green energy but it is also the most expensive. Geothermal sources are located deep under the ground. If there is such as source under your property, you can optimize your home for geothermal energy by building a special foundation. Geothermal power is a good choice if you are having a new home built. Making some changes to the foundations of your current home is extremely costly and time-consuming. Building a home with a geothermal system is a huge investment but you will not have to pay energy bills for as long as you stay in this home. If you decide to sell your home, the geothermal system will help you get an excellent price.

You should do more research on these different forms of green energy and assess the resources available in your area. If you cannot find a solution adapted to your needs, look into purchasing green energy directly from your energy provider or wait until you move to a different area to invest in green energy.